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Our Top 50 Shared Hosting Plans is the BIGGEST Top Charts list on the Internet to help you pick the best option for your website, blog, or your eCommerce business.

What is Shared Web Hosting? There is a variety of web hosting options one can select from and Shared Web Hosting is usually the least expensive and hence one the most popular variations available. As the term implies, this type of hosting is when you can lease some space on the server sharing it with other hosting users. Apart from space, you also share resources like RAM memory, bandwidth and CPU. Shared hosting is a bit like sharing a cab ride—if you hire a cab all by yourself (in hosting such an option is called a dedicated server) you’d enjoy With shared hosting, the customers pay for server and the associated resources thereby allowing the hosts to provide services at lower price tags.

Chosen Shared Hosting ProviderStarter Plan
The Top Shared Hosting Provider is chosen by the staff based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors.
Please note, the Chosen Shared Hosting Provider may change as key factors, included in the side-by-side comparison do change over time.

Top 50 Shared Web Hosting Plans [Ranked!]

Rank Web Host Shared Hosting Plan Our Score1 1-year Price ($/mo)2 3-Year Price ($/mo)3 Action
#1Starter96$2.50$4.17Visit MidPhase
#2Stellar95$2.34$3.99Visit NameCheap
#3Pro94$3.50$5.83Visit MidPhase
#4Starter Cloud93$2.69$6.86Visit NameHero
#5Starter92$2.50$7.50Visit PorkBun
#6Stellar Plus92$3.71$6.11Visit NameCheap
#7Enterprise92$4.50$7.50Visit MidPhase
#8Personal91$5.00$5.00Visit WebHostingBuzz
#9Basic89$6.74$8.24Visit HostWinds
#10Single89$1.39$2.46Visit Hostinger
#11Plus Cloud89$5.83$10.58Visit NameHero
#12Personal88$3.24$3.24Visit AccuWeb
#13Advanced87$8.24$10.07Visit HostWinds
#14Stellar Business87$6.19$10.25Visit NameCheap
#15Premium86$1.99$4.66Visit Hostinger
#16Developer86$9.17$9.17Visit WebHostingBuzz
#17Small Business86$5.52$5.52Visit AccuWeb
#18Ultimate85$9.74$11.91Visit HostWinds
#19Startup85$6.95$6.95Visit Omnis
#20Power Plan85$3.99$5.66Visit WebHostingBuzz
#21Pro83$5.00$15.00Visit PorkBun
#22Standard 183$10.00$10.00Visit CloudWays
#23Business83$3.99$7.32Visit Hostinger
#24Power Plan Plus + WP Basic83$4.99$6.99Visit WebHostingPad
#26Turbo Cloud81$8.98$16.29Visit NameHero
#27Starter80$25.00$15.66Visit Kinsta
#28Basic80$8.95$8.95Visit KnownHost
#29Bronze80$1.00$1.00Visit MyTrueHost
#30Startup79$3.99$11.32Visit SiteGrounds
#32Enterprise78$12.04$12.04Visit AccuWeb
#33Silver78$3.00$3.00Visit MyTrueHost
#34Spark78$7.99$10.66Visit WebHostingHub
#35Lite77$2.95$8.28Visit GreenGeeks
#36Tiny76$13.00$13.00Visit FlyWheel
#37Standard76$12.95$12.95Visit KnownHost
#38Gold76$5.00$5.00Visit MytrueHost
#40Nitro74$9.99$13.66Visit WebHostingHub
#41Platinum74$7.00$7.00Visit MyTrueHost
#42Business Cloud71$13.48$24.46Visit NameHero
#43Business71$21.67$21.67Visit WebHostingBuzz
#45Core71$3.49$7.82Visit InMotion
#46Pro71$5.95$12.62Visit GreenGeeks
#47GrowBig70$6.69$18.89Visit SiteGrounds
#48Starter69$11.99$17.66Visit WestHost
#49Standard 269$2.50$4.17Visit CoudWays
#50Pro68$50.00$25.33Visit Kinsta

Chart:  1-Year vs. 3-Year Shared Web Hosting Monthly Rates

[includes 134 US Shared Web Hosting Plans]

Here are some interesting statistics that you might keep in mind when signing up for your initial Shared Web Hosting plan:

  • Number of analyzed Shared Web Hosting Plans:  134
  • 81 plans (or 60%) had 1st year monthly rates 22% to 1,270% [!!!] higher than monthly rates for years 2, 3, and thereafter,
  • 43 plans (or 33%) had the same rates for all years, and
  • 10 plans (or 7%) had the rates over longer period of time (3+ years) lower than the rates for year 1.

So out of 134 shared web hosting plans that we analyzed 81 (or 60%) had heavily discounted rates for year 1 and much higher cost after that.  How much higher?  By an average of 102%, or double what the initial promo rate is.  So, when choosing a web hosting plan one has to be very careful and analyze what it would cost you over 3, 5, or even 10 years [unless you are planning to go through arduous and costly hosting provider changes every couple of years].

Here is an extreme example:  let’s say you really liked one of the promotional rates offered by one of the web hosting providers. Let’s say the rate is just $1 per month for the first year.  Excited at the discovered cheap web hosting you sign up for the plan.  But you have completely overlooked the fine print saying that after the first year the rates revert back to “regular” rates which happen to be, say, $5 per month.  So, the net result is that you thought you’d be paying only $12 per year for your hosting, but in reality you will end up paying:

  • $12 in year 1,
  • $132 over the first 3 years,
  • $252 over the first 5 years, and
  • $552 over the 10-year period [or on average $4.60 per month, 460% more than the initial promo rate].

Not quite a $1/mo rate you got sold on, isn’t it?!
[NOTE: sometimes you have to specifically search for the web hosting provider’s “regular rates” as they are not readily available on the web page that is trying to convince you to sign for the promotional rate].

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