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Top 25 Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

To save you time and money, we have analyzed more than 352 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans across 40 Hosting Providers.  Then we developed a detailed Top 85 Dedicated [Server] Hosting Plans ranking.  However, this Top 85 Chart ranks Managed and Self-Managed dedicated server hosting plans together.  We do realize they are not 100% “apples-to-apples” as oftentimes web hosting companies charge $40-$100 server management fee.  So, if you are looking only at Managed hosting plans, scroll down below to see our Top 25 Managed [Dedicated Server] Hosting Plans.

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What is Managed Hosting?

Well, to answer this question we first need to give you a brief overview of different types of hosting that do exist [and they are all covered on our website!].  To make it easier to understand 3 main types of hosting [and to get to the point of what Managed Hosting is, of course], we will use Hostels and Hotels for analogy.

Let’s take a look at Hostels vs. Hotels:

Renting a Bed in a Hostel RoomRenting a Room in a HotelRenting Entire Hotel
In a Hostel budget-conscious folks share a room [often 4-10 people per room] to be able to travel on a very low budget
More well-off folks and Business Travelers on an expense account are happy to rent the entire Hotel room and not share it with anyoneIf you are a Middle-Eastern Sheikh or a high-roller enjoying complete privacy and high-level service you can rent the entire Hotel all for yourself

Well, web hosting is very much like the Hostels vs. Hotels examples above:

Hostel  =  Shared Hosting

When you get a Shared Web Hosting Service your website is hosted on a server with dozens [or hundreds] other websites.  They all share this servers’ IP address, processing [CPU] power, RAM and storage memory.  This is kinda like a whole bunch students, traveling in Europe, sharing the same Hostel room together.  The huge advantage of this service [very much like that of Hostels] is super low cost.  Often the shared web hosting is as low as $1 per month.  However, the disadvantages are quite similar to those of living with a bunch of strangers in the same Hostel room:  sleeping next to the person you have never met before, waiting in line for one bathroom every morning, and risking your personal stuff being stolen.  Translating this to web hosting when your website shares the same server with other websites it:

  • Does not have its own IP address [it’s shared with a bunch of other websites, some of which could be porn or gambling sites],
  • Your site also shares the computing and storage power with all other sites hosted on the same server and if one of them gets a traffic spike, it might slow down or crash your own site, and
  • Your site runs a higher risk of being broken into [if any other website on the same server is compromised, yours would be automatically vulnerable too].

Hotel Room = VPS Hosting

As your business or blog grow online traffic you may consider graduating to the next level of hosting called VPS [Virtual Private Server].  Of course your website or blog should be able to afford higher monthly website hosting fees.  VPS costs can range quite widely from $2 to $100 or more per month.  On the positive side, with VPS Hosting you can enjoy a faster and more stable server performance and more website security. 

So, what is VPS?  Well, the computer software and hardware industries advanced to such a degree that they figured out how to slice & dice a server into multiple virtual “baby” servers-within-a-server.  Such virtual servers have their own reserved computing power [CPU] and storage [RAM and storage] capacity.  So, it is kinda like renting a Hotel room.  Your website enjoys a bunch of benefits all to itself [without having to share them with a bunch of strangers].  Your “virtual server” provides you:

  • Higher loading speed [no need to stand in line for a bathroom in the morning!],
  • More storage space [you are the only person in this hotel room!],
  • Better security [in a Hostel if a thief breaks into a Hostel room quite likely all people in the room will get something stolen from them].

However, of course, on the negative side VPS hosting comes at a higher [often much higher] cost per month.

Renting Entire Hotel = Dedicated [Server] Hosting

Finally, for large businesses, with significant [a few million visitors or more] monthly traffic renting the entire server all to yourself is a wise move.  When doing this you can select the server configuration [number of CPU cores, storage memory, RAM, data transfer bandwidth, etc.] best fitting your website profile and traffic pattern.  Renting the entire dedicated server [instead of sharing it with dozens or hundreds of other websites] ensures that your website does have plentiful computing and storage power capacity.  But, of course, it also comes at a higher cost.  Our data shows that Managed and Unmanaged dedicated server costs range from $50 to $1,000 per month and higher.

In a similar fashion, when some Middle-Eastern Sheikhs and Kings or billionaires travel around the world they often rent entire Hotel floors or even book the entire Hotel to ensure they never bump into any strangers and get the highest possible security. 

Managed vs. Unmanaged [aka Self-Managed]

And here is where we come to the point of having to discuss the difference between the Managed versus Unmanaged [aka Self-Managed or Bare Metal] dedicated server alternatives.

Managed dedicated server is when the hosting company’s staff takes full responsibility to ensure the server runs smoothly, gets all the necessary software updates, back up all your website files on a regular basis, and do whatever is necessary to ensure the server’s security against hacker and DDoS attacks.

Meanwhile in the Unmanaged [Self-Managed or Bare Metal] situation you and your IT team [if you have one] are 100% responsible for all the above mentioned activities.  All you get for your monthly fee is a dedicated “bare metal” server, located in the appropriate air-conditioned and secure building(s).  But everything and anything that happens inside that server [except for the initial set up] is fully your responsibility.  So, needless to say, unless you have a very experienced IT team that knows what it’s doing, we strongly recommend going with the Managed options whenever possible.

A Visual Explanation of Various Web Hosting Alternatives

For those readers who prefer visual tutorials here is a pretty good video on what the key differences between Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting are.  This video is posted by a web hosting company from Armenia.  The first 8-9 minutes of it are the most relevant part.  The last 2-3 minutes are basically a short [but nicely done!] promo of the company’s Google Cloud based hosting service, which you can skip.

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Top 25 Managed [Dedicated Server] Hosting Plans

[Hosting Plans for 5 Groups of CPU Cores: 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10-16 cores]

RankDedicated Sever Host Managed Hosting PlanCPU CoresRAM (GB)Price ($/mo)Action
#1Managed: Intel Xeon I3-2100 / X3430 / 2xL54202 cores8$49.00Visit
#2Managed: Intel Atom D5252 cores2$64.00Visit
#3Managed: Intel Xeon Core2Duo E6420 / E6750 / E72002 cores4$105.90Visit
#4Managed: Intel Xeon I3-5402 cores2$119.00Visit
#5Managed: Standard2 cores4$119.99Visit iPower
#6Managed: Dual AMD Opteron 23734 cores 32$68.00Visit
#7Managed: Dual Intel Xeon 54204 cores 16$68.00Visit
#8Managed: Intel Xeon Intel Core i3 21004 cores8$71.00Visit
#9Managed: Intel Xeon E3-12204 cores32$79.00Visit
#10Managed: Intel Xeon X32204 cores4$79.00Visit
#11Managed: AMD Sixcore6 cores16$75.00Visit
#12Managed: Linux DS – Standard [Intel Xeon Hex]6 cores8$99.00Visit Cybercon
#13Managed: Windows DS – Standard [Intel Xeon Hex]6 cores8$99.00Visit Cybercon
#14Managed: Intel Xeon 2xE56456 cores48$136.00Visit HostWinds
#15Managed: Xeon E-22366 cores64$147.99Visit NameCheap
#16Managed: Power Server Intel Xeon-D8 cores16$119.89Visit A Small Orange1
#17Managed: Intel Xeon 2x E5-2630L8 cores16$125.00Visit
#18Managed: Enterprise Server [Intel Xeon-D]8 cores30$139.99Visit A Small Orange1
#19Managed: SSD+HDD / Intel Xeon E-2288G8 cores16$198.00Visit KnownHost
#20Managed: Warp 2 Turbo AMD [AMD EPYC 7232]8 cores64$199.99Visit A2 Hosting
#21Managed: Warp 2 Turbo Intel [Intel Xeon Silver 4210R]10 cores64$199.99Visit A2 Hosting
#22Managed: SSD+HDD / Dual Intel Xeon Silver 420816 cores32$283.00Visit KnownHost
#23Managed: SSD+HDD / AMD EPYC Rome 730P16 cores32$283.00Visit KnownHost
#24Managed: Hypersonic Cloud16 cores62$301.48Visit NameHero
#25Managed: Dual Xeon Gold 521816 cores128$308.66Visit NameCheap
Note (1): On dedicated server hosting A Small Orange has partnered with HostGator and when clicking to sign up users get automatically re-directed to the HostGator checkout web page.

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