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Joomla is the 5th most popular website Content Management System [CMS] in the world. It has a 2.6% share of the CMS market. For comparison WordPress, which is by far the most popular CMS in the world, has a 65% share of the CMS market. So, why anyone is still using Joomla? According to some developers it offers better security and more flexibility compared to WordPress. These two attributes are pretty important for online businesses which is why Joomla is a bit more popular as a platform for online stores and is rarely used for simple websites or blogs.

The downside of using Joomla compared to, say, WordPress, is that:

  • Joomla is not as easy to work with compared to WordPress,
  • With significantly smaller market share there are a lot fewer developers in the world who can use it [plus they are more expensive], and
  • With a much smaller community of users there is significantly less tutorials, plug-ins, and support for Joomla compared to WordPress.

When considering using Joomla CMS for your website you can technically host it at any Shared, VPS, or Dedicated web hosting provider out there.  But some hosting companies offer a much easier 1-Click Joomla installation.  So, if you are not an IT expert or a web developer you might benefit from using one of our Top 30 Joomla Hosting Plans below.  We included in this Top Chart only those hosting providers who do offer a one-click Joomla, super easy, Joomla installation as part of their hosting plan.

Top Chosen Joomla Hosting ProviderVisit for FREE Hosting
The Top Chosen Joomla Web Hosting Provider is chosen by the staff based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors.
Please note, the Chosen Joomla Web Hosting Provider may change as key factors, included in the side-by-side comparison do change over time.

Top 30 Joomla! Hosting Plans

RankJoomla Host Joomla Shared Web Hosting Plan3-year Avg. Price1Action Partner FREE Web HostingFREE2Visit
#2Bronze$1.00Visit MyTrueHost
#3Single$2.46Visit Hostinger
#4Primary$2.99Visit HawkHost
#5StartUp$2.99Visit A2 Hosting
#6Silver$3.00Visit MyTrueHost
#7Premium$4.86Visit Hostinger
#8Launch$4.99Visit InMotion
#9Power$4.99Visit InMotion
#10Joomla Web Hosting$5.00Visit
#11Gold$5.00Visit MyTrueHost
#12Joomla Web Hosting$5.00Visit InterServer
#13Essential$5.33Visit IONOS
#14Spark$5.99Visit Webhosting Hub
#15Drive$5.99Visit A2 Hosting
#16Business$6.83Visit IONOS
#17Hatchling$6.88Visit HostGator
#18Turbo Boost$6.99Visit A2 Hosting
#19Platinum$7.00Visit MyTrueHost
#20Core$7.09Visit InMotion
#21Business$7.32Visit Hostinger
#22Professional$7.99Visit HawkHost
#23Nitro$7.99Visit Webhosting Hub
#24Baby$9.13Visit HostGator
#25Perrsonal$9.94Visit MyTrueHost
#26Dynamo$9.99Visit Webhosting Hub
#27StartUp$11.32Visit SiteGround
#28Pro$12.99Visit InMotion
#29Turbo Max$12.99Visit A2 Hosting
#30Business$13.05Visit HostGator
Note (1): Because most web hosting companies run aggressive price promotion campaigns to sign up new customers it is not uncommon to see 1st year prices 60-70% or even 90% OFF. Since majority of website owners never transfer their websites from one hosting company to another [they stick around with the first hosting provider they picked] it is important to look at the 3-year [even better if 5-year or 10-year] hosting cost, rather than using the 1st year aggressively promoted prices only. Our 3-year Average Price includes 1st year promo prices [where available] plus year 2 and 3 regular prices.
Note (2): Partnered with to provide a FREE Joomla Web Hosting. However there are some conditions that need to me met to maintain FREE pricing [click to see the details].

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