Ecommerce Hosting

Shopping portals and all such sites that allow the users to buy and sell products and services typically require Ecommerce hosting services. It is considered as a packaged hosting service meant exclusively for e-commerce websites. All the features that a transaction driven portal requires such as SSL security, shopping cart features, payment gateway integration etc are included in an ecommerce hosting package.

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eCommerce Hosting Provider is chosen by the staff based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors.
Please note, the chosen eCommerce Hosting Provider may change as key factors, included in the side-by-side comparison do change over time.

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As said earlier, these are basically designed for merchant sites as their requirements are markedly different from various other types of websites on the internet. Some features differ depending upon the nature of the business while some features remain constant across all types of industries and businesses.

An ecommerce hosting service provider also provides the facility of further customizing the hosting functionalities so as to achieve proper gratification of all the needs and requirements. The most crucial aspects of this type of hosting are portal “uptime” and portal security.

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