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Registering and hosting your domains can be done either with your Web Hosting Provider or with a completely different company [called domain registrar].  To help you determine the cheapest domain registrars we have analyzed more than 70 web hosting providers and domain registrars and ranked those that do provide domain registration service [40 out of 70] based on the 5-year cost of owning .com / .net / .io domains.

Why based on the 5-year cost and not based on just the first year?  Quite simple:  most domain registrars offer deeply discounted domain registration rates for your first year to lure you in and then, starting in year 2, they start charging you full price, which sometimes is double or triple what your first-year price was.  So over a longer period of time you end up paying a lot more than you thought you would.

The Cheapest Domain Hosting ProviderVisit Exabytes
The cheapest Domain Hosting Provider chosen by the staff based on analysis of the 5-year cost of domain ownership.
Please note, the chosen Domain Hosting Provider may change as key factors, included in the side-by-side comparison, such as price, do change over time.

The 5-year cost difference between the Top 1 domain registrar [ExaBytes] and the Bottom 40 [Network Solutions] is an impressive 300%:  with the cheapest domain registrar you’ll pay $39.50 to own a .COM domain name for 5 years whereas with the most expensive one the cost would be $125.  So, if you own, 10-100 domains, using the cheapest registrar could save you from $855 to 8,550 over 5 years!


Top 40 Domain Registration & Hosting Providers

[Ranked by the 5-year monthly average total cost of ownership of .COM domain names]

RankDomain Registrar.COM Avg. 5-Year Price ($/year).NET Avg. 5-Year Price ($/year)Action
#1$7.90$13.90Visit ExBytes
#2$7.99$11.19Visit TrueHost
#4$9.13$10.56Visit PorkBun
#5$9.36$10.63Visit NameSilo
#6$9.59$9.99Visit DynaDot
#7$9.99$11.99Visit FatCow
#8$9.99$11.99Visit iPage
#9$9.99$11.99Visit iPower
#11$9.99$11.99Visit Cheap Domain Registrations
#12$11.91$15.97Visit NameCheap
#13$11.95$13.95Visit HawkHost
#14$12.00$12.00Visit Google Domains
#15$12.20$16.20Visit IONOS
#17$12.79$14.02Visit MidPhase
#18$12.99$14.99Visit BlueHost
#19$13.19$13.79Visit Hostinger
#20$13.98$15.72Visit NameHero
#21$13.99$15.99Visit HostPapa
#22$14.19$14.19Visit WebHostingBuzz
#23$14.95$14.95Visit A2 Hosting
#24$14.99$16.99Visit AccuWeb
#25$14.99$18.99Visit MyTrueHost
#26$15.00$18.00Visit Neolo
#27$15.00$20.00Visit Nexcess
#28$15.59n/aVisit Hover
#30$15.99$15.99Visit HostGator
#31$16.95$16.95Visit MyHosting
#32$16.99$16.99Visit MyHosting
#33$17.00$17.00Visit ArgonHosting
#34$17.00$15.00Visit HostNine
#35$17.06$18.99Visit GoDaddy
#36$17.59$17.79Visit HostMonster
#37$17.99$17.99Visit InMotion
#38$18.00$18.00Visit MediaTemple
#40$25.00$25.00Visit Network Solutions

We must acknowledge another important aspect of domain registration and hosting—the cost and difficulty of domain transfer to another web hosting provider.  We have not yet analyzed and incorporated this cost into our side-by-side comparison [it’s in our plans], but we do encourage our readers to spend a bit more time and dig in into the fine print of Terms & Conditions [yes, unfortunately, no domain registrar or web hosting provider discloses this information openly with easy access].  Some domain registrars unfortunately charge extra for the “right” to transfer your domain(s) to another registrar.  This cost and extra hassle needs to be taken into account when deciding where to host your domain names.

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