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Top 85 Dedicated [Server] Hosting Providers

To save you time and money, we have analyzed more than 352 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans across 40 Hosting Providers.  Then we split them into 5 “buckets” [as they are all extremely different in terms of technical specifications and price per month] and conducted a detailed side-by-side comparison to select Top Dedicated Server Hosting Companies in each of the 5 Groups.  Groups #1-4 each has Top 20 Dedicated Hosting Plans and Group #5 has 5 for a total of 85 ranked plans.  That’s why we called it Top 85 in the headline!  Scroll down to see the Top-20 Ranking Methodology, as well as 5 detailed Top-20 and Top-5 Dedicated Hosting Ranking Charts.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Dedicated [Server] Hosting?
  2. Our Top 20 Ranking Methodology for Dedicated Hosting
  3. Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #1:  2-4 core CPU]
  4. Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #2:  6-core CPU]
  5. Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #3:  8-core CPU]
  6. Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #4:  10-, 12-, and 16-core CPU]
  7. Top 5 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #5:  24- and 40-core CPU]

What is Dedicated [Server] Hosting?

Unlike Shared Hosting [when your website “shares” file storage space and computing power with a bunch of other websites hosted on the same server], with Dedicated Hosting your website gets to enjoy a server all by itself. Hence the word “dedicated”.

Dedicated hosting can be Self-Managed or Managed. What’s the difference? In the first case you and your IT team [if you have one, of course] are 100% responsible for setting up and managing all aspects of your dedicated web server. In the case of Managed [or often referred to as Fully Managed] dedicated hosting the Hosting Provider manages the server for you. And they typically charge an extra monthly fee for that. How much? Our research shows that depending on the Dedicated Server Host Provider dedicated server management fees commonly range from $40 per month to $100 per month.

If on some Web Hosting Provider websites you come across a phrase “Bare Metal” in reference to dedicated server hosting, remember that this is just another reference to Self-Managed [aka Unmanaged] dedicated server.  Basically Bare Metal means that you are leasing an empty “metal box” [a server] with certain specifications, such as type of CPU, number of processor cores, RAM memory, etc.  And any software you might need [beyond the basic server setup] to ensure your website runs smoothly, is fast enough, is secure and well-protected against DDoS attacks, etc.—well, you and your IT team will be responsible to load such software to this server all by yourself.  Ongoing monitoring of your server’s operations is also you and IT team’s responsibility.  If you don’t have an IT team or if your IT team doesn’t have much experience in systems administration, selecting a Managed dedicated server plan [or picking a Self-Managed one and paying an extra Management Fee] is your best bet.


Our Top-20 Ranking Methodology [Brief]

Unlike Shared Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting services, which are relatively easy to compare across different providers Dedicated [Server] Hosting has a much bigger number of variables to compare:

  • Number of CPU Cores varies from 2 to 40+,
  • RAM varies hugely from 2GB to 256GB,
  • Storage varies from 200GB to 9TB,
  • There are also two types of storage: HDD and SSD,
  • Data transfer bandwidth varies widely from 2TB to Unmetered or Unlimited,
  • Prices vary significantly based on server configurations as well as based on whether offered Dedicated Hosting plans are “Fully Managed” or “Self-Managed” or “Bare Metal”.

Due to drastically different server configurations [number of CPU cores, RAM, storage space, managed or unmanaged, etc.] we decided to split 350 analyzed hosting plans into 5 groups [or “buckets”] based on the number of CPU cores.  Hosting plans within each group were compared against each other and ranked from the lowest monthly price to the highest.  Please scroll down to see the results of our rankings for each of the 5 groups.

Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #1:  2-4 core CPU]

[Group #1 Technical Specs: 2-4 CPU Cores, 2-64GB RAM, 120GB-4TB Storage]

RankDedicated Sever HostHost PlanCPU CoresRAM (GB)Price ($/mo)Action
#1Managed: Intel Xeon I3-2100 | X3430 | 2xL54202 cores8 GB$49.00Visit
#2Managed: Intel Atom D5252 cores2 GB$64.00Visit
#3Managed: Intel Xeon Core2Duo E6420 | E6750 | E72002 cores4 GB$105.90Visit
#4Managed: Intel Xeon I3-5402 cores2 GB$119.00Visit
#5Managed: Standard2 cores4 GB$119.99Visit iPower
#6Self-Managed: L4i HDD [Intel Quod-Core]4 cores12 GB$47.00Visit IONOS
#7Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E3-12304 cores8 GB$54.24Visit NameCheap
#8Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E3-12204 cores16 GB$59.95visit eLiteServer
#9Managed: Dual AMD Opteron 23734 cores32 GB$68.00Visit
#10Managed: Dual Intel Xeon 54204 cores16 GB$68.00Visit
#11Self-Managed: DS1-HDD [Intel Xeon E3-1220LV]4 cores4 GB$68.66Visit UL Hosting
#12Self-Managed: Basic DS [Intel E3-1240]4 cores16 GB$70.00Visit AvivaHost
#13Managed: Intel Xeon Intel Core i3 21004 cores8 GB$71.00Visit VPB
#14Self-Managed: Standard4 cores4 GB$73.99Visit BlueHost
#15Self-Managed: DS1-HDD [Intel Xeon E3-1220LV]4 cores4 GB$77.23Visit SaturnDomains
#16Managed: Intel Xeon E3-12204 cores32 GB$79.00Visit
#17Managed: Intel Xeon X32204 cores4 GB$79.00Visit
#18Self-Managed: DS2-HDD [Intel Xeon E3-1265LV]4 cores4 GB$79.91Visit UL Hosting
#19Self-Managed [Intel Xeon E3-1270]4 cores16 GB$79.95Visit eLiteServer
#20Self-Managed: Deluxe DS [Intel E3-1240]4 cores32 GB$80.00Visit AvivaHost

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Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #2:  6-core CPU]

[Group #2 Technical Specs: 6 CPU Cores, 8-64GB RAM, 240GB-8TB Storage]

RankDedicated Sever HostHost PlanCPU CoresRAM (GB)Price ($/mo)Action
#1Managed: AMD Sixcore6 cores16$75.00Visit
#2Self-Managed [Xeon E-2236]6 cores64$97.99Visit NameCheap
#3Managed: Linux DS – Standard [Intel Xeon Hex]6 cores8$99.00Visit Cybercon
#4Managed: Windows DS – Standard [Intel Xeon Hex]6 cores8$99.00Visit Cybercon
#5Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E-2136; 240GB6 cores16$109.00Visit HiVelocity
#6Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E-2136; 480GB6 cores16$115.00Visit Hivelocity
#7Managed: Intel Xeon 2xE56456 cores48$136.00Visit HostWinds
#8Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E-22366 cores16$141.00Visit HiVelocity
#9Managed: Xeon E-22366 cores64$147.99Visit NameCheap
#10Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E-2146G6 cores32$159.00Visit ServerMania
#11Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E-2176G6 cores16$165.00Visit HiVelocity
#12Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E5-16506 cores32$170.00Visit Colocation America
#13Managed: SSD+HDD / Intel Xeon E-22366 cores16$173.00Visit KnownHost
#14Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E-2176G6 cores32$175.00Visit HiVelocity
#15Managed [SSD+HDD / Intel Xeon E-2246G]6 cores16$183.00Visit KnownHost
#16Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E-21366 cores32$184.00Visit HiVelocity
#17Self-Managed: Intel E-2286G6 cores32$185.00Visit Constant Host
#18Bare Metal: Intel E-22866 cores32$185.00Visit Vultr
#19Self-Managed: 1x Intel Xeon X56506 cores32$189.00Visit DedicatedFind
#20Managed: SSD / Intel Xeon E-2146G6 cores32$198.00Visit ServerMania

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Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #3:  8-core CPU]

[Group #3 Technical Specs: 8 CPU Cores, 8-128GB RAM, 240GB-14TB Storage]

RankDedicated Sever HostHost PlanCPU CoresRAM (GB)Price ($/mo)Action
#1Self-Managed: SSD / Dual Intel Xeon E56208 cores32$41.65Visit KnownHost
#2Self-Managed: Dual Intel Xeon E5-26708 cores16$59.95visit eLiteServer
#3Self-Managed: A8i SSD Intel Atom C27508 cores8$65.00Visit IONOS
#4Self-Managed: 2x Intel Xeon E5-26708 cores32$89.95Visit eLiteServer
#5Self-Managed: Dual Xeon E5-26708 cores64$99.95Visit eLiteServer
#6Self-Managed: Dual Xeon E5-26708 cores96$109.95Visit eLiteServer
#7Self-Managed: Intel Xeon E3-12308 cores32$118.99Visit THG Hosting
#8Managed: Power Server [Intel Xeon-D]8 cores16$119.89Visit A Small Orange1
#9Managed: Intel Xeon 2x E5-2630L8 cores16$125.00Visit
#10Self-Managed: DS1-SSD [Intel Xeon D-2141]8 cores16$127.37Visit UL Hosting
#11Self-Managed: Dual Xeon E5-26708 cores128$129.95Visit eLiteServer
#12Self-Managed: DS1-SSD [Intel Xeon D-2141]8 cores16$133.40Visit SaturnDomains
#13Self-Managed: Hyper 2 Turbo AMD [AMD EPYC 7232]8 cores64$139.99Visit A2 Hosting
#14Self-Managed: Hyper 2 AMD [AMD EPYC 7232]8 cores32$139.99Visit A2 Hosting
#15Managed: Enterprise Server [Intel Xeon-D]8 cores30$139.99Visit A Small Orange1
#16Self-Managed: DS2-SSD [Intel Xeon D-2141]8 cores28$146.65Visit UL Hosting
#17Self-Managed: DS2-SSD [Intel Xeon D-2141]8 cores60$152.59Visit UL Hosting
#18Self-Managed: DS2-SSD [Intel Xeon D-2141]8 cores28$154.46Visit SaturnDomains
#19Self-Managed: DS2-SSD [Intel Xeon D-2141]8 cores60$171.62Visit SaturnDomains
#20Managed: SSD+HDD / Intel Xeon E-2288G8 cores16$198.00Visit KnownHost
Note (1): On dedicated server hosting A Small Orange has partnered with HostGator and when clicking to sign up users get automatically re-directed to the HostGator checkout web page.

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Top 20 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #4:  10-, 12-, and 16-core CPU]

[Group #4 Technical Specs: 10-16 CPU Cores, 8-256GB RAM, 400GB-16TB Storage]

RankDedicated Sever HostHost PlanCPU CoresRAM (GB)Price ($/mo)Action
#1Self-Managed: Dual Intel Xeon E5-267010 cores64$89.95Visit eLiteServer
#2Self-Managed: Dual Intel Xeon E5-267010 cores128$129.95Visit eLiteServer
#3Self-Managed: Hyper 2 Turbo Intel [Intel Xeon Silver 4210R]10 cores64$139.99Visit A2 Hosting
#4Self-Managed: Hyper 2 Intel [Intel Xeon Silver 4210R]10 cores32$139.99Visit A2 Hosting
#5Managed: Warp 2 Turbo Intel [Intel Xeon Silver 4210R]10 cores64$199.99Visit A2 Hosting
#6Self-Managed: USA – Plan 1 [AMD Opteron]12 cores8$160.00Visit Hostripples
#7Self-Managed [2x Intel Xeon E5-2620]12 cores16$169.00Visit HiVelocity
#8Self-Managed: USA DEDI Plan 1 [Intel Dual Quad]12 cores16$190.00Visit Hostripples
#9Self-Managed: USA DEDI Plan 2 [Intel Dual Hex]12 cores32$205.00Visit Hostripples
#10Self-Managed: USA DEDI Plan 3 [Intel Dual Hex]12 cores8$220.00Visit Hostripples
#11Self-Managed: 2x Intel Xeon E5-263016 cores32$179.00Visit HiVelocity
#12Self-Managed: 2x Intel Xeon E5-262016 cores32$189.00Visit HiVelocity
#13Self-Managed: 2x Intel Xeon E5-263016 cores32$194.00Visit HiVelocity
#14Self-Managed: Dual Xeon Gold 521816 cores128$258.66Visit NameCheap
#15Managed: SSD+HDD / Dual Intel Xeon Silver 420816 cores32$283.00Visit KnownHost
#16Managed: SSD+HDD / AMD EPYC Rome 730P16 cores32$283.00Visit KnownHost
#17Self-Managed: USA DEDI Plan 6 [Intel Dual Octa]16 cores32$295.00Visit Hostripples
#18Managed: Hypersonic Cloud16 cores62$301.48Visit NameHero
#19Managed: Dual Xeon Gold 521816 cores128$308.66Visit NameCheap
#20Self-Managed: USA DEDI Plan 7 [Intel Dual Hex]16 cores64$320.00Visit Hostripples

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Top 5 Dedicated Server Hosting Plans [Group #5:  24- and 40-core CPU]

[Group #5 Technical Specs: 24-40 CPU Cores, 64-256GB RAM, 1-4TB Storage]

RankDedicated Sever HostHost PlanCPU CoresRAM (GB)Price ($/mo)Action
#1Self-Managed: Intel Xeon 2x E5-269524 cores64$209.00Visit ServerMania
#2Managed: Intel Xeon 2x E5-269524 cores64$248.99Visit ServerMania
#3Managed: SSD+HDD / Dual Intel Xeon Silver 421424 cores64$373.00Visit KnownHost
#4Self-Managed: D3.A40 cores256$518.00Visit
#5Self-Managed: D5.A40 cores256$697.00Visit

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