Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most secure form of web hosting wherein the organization purchases exclusive access to the disk space and bandwidth from the internet hosting service provider. It is considered to be more flexible in comparison to the shared hosting services as the organization can have full control over the configuration of the server hosting its website.

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Dedicated Hosting Provider is chosen by the staff based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors.
Please note, the chosen Dedicated Hosting Provider may change as key factors, included in the side-by-side comparison do change over time.

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Dedicated hosting enables an organization to install specific operating system, application software and tighten the security as per its own needs and requirements. Generally, the server administration or management is looked after either by the company leasing the server space or by the hosting service provider, as the case may be.

Dedicated hosting is naturally more expensive than the shared hosting techniques but it is known to provide a higher rate of return on investment. A large organization can customize it typically after its own requirements and make essential savings on various fronts.

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