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Top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers [Ranked!]: Cloud hosting is also known as enterprise or cluster hosting. Unlike traditional web hosting, cloud solutions are not deployed on a single server. Instead, a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

Typically these servers are also not located in just one data center but are hosted in data centers scattered all over the world. Such a distributed physical architecture allows to increase reliability and security of the cloud as any shutdown or physical damage to one data center does not affect the overall cloud as the data load can be easily handled by servers located in the other data centers.

Chosen Cloud Hosting ProviderVisit the Hatchling Cloud Plan
Cloud Hosting Provider is chosen by the staff based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors.
Please note, the chosen Cloud Hosting Provider may change as key factors, included in the side-by-side comparison do change over time.

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Providers [Ranked & Detailed!]

RankCloud HostCloud Hosting PlanPrice ($/mo)1Hosting Features2Action
#1Hatchling Cloud1yr: $4.95
3yr: $9.00
2GB | 2 Cores | 2GB |
Unmetered | cPanel
Visit Hostgator
#2Basic1yr: $5.06
3yr: $5.06
1GB | 1 Core | 30GB |
1T | n/a
Visit HostWinds
#3Cloud Startup1yr: $9.99
3yr: $18.99
3GB | 3 Cores | 0.2TB |
1T | hPanel
Visit Hostinger
#4Runway 11yr: $6.59
3yr: n/a
1GB | 1 Core | 150GB |
2T | n/a
Visit A2 Hosting
#5DigitalOcean1yr: $12.00
3yr: $12.00
1GB | 1 Core | 25GB |
1T | cPanel
Visit CloudWays
#6DreamCompute1yr: $4.50
3yr: n/a
1GB | 1 Core | 80GB |
Unmetered | dPanel
Visit DreamHost
#7cVPS-11yr: $7.25
3yr: $13.99
1GB | 1 Core | 25GB |
1T | cPanel or Plesk
Visit InMotion
#8Simple Plan1yr: $4.00
3yr: $17.00
1GB | 1 Core | 20GB |
5T | +$
Visit Kamatera
#9Jump Start1yr: $100.00
3yr: $100.00
8GB | 4 Cores | 40GB |
5T | n/a
Visit SiteGround
#10Intel Xeon E3-1230 v51yr: $149.00
3yr: $149.00
16GB | 4 Cores | 0.5TB |
5T | ePanel or Plesk
Visit LiquidWeb
 (1) Year 1 price typically includes a sign-up discount. Starting in year 2 (or after the “initial” paid period) prices revert to regular prices.  Thus in the Table above “1yr” price reflects any promo or discount the Cloud Hosting provider is offering as of end of 2021 whereas “3yr” rate is a rate at which the Cloud Hosting plan gets renewed after the initial period.
(2) Hosting Features include:  RAM Memory Space | Number of CPU Cores | Storage Space | Bandwidth | Type of Control Panel [typically a choice among cPanel, Plesk, or a control panel custom-designed by the hosting provider, in the list above offered only by Hostinger and DreamHost).

When comparing web hosting plans side-by-side, as with any other products or services, it is important to compare apples-to-apples rather apples-to-oranges or worse [apples-to-cows and such]. As the number of variables that a particular service might have increases, the apples-to-apples comparison becomes that much harder.

For example, when looking at the Cloud Web Hosting Services above you might notice that in the column “Hosting Features” not all parameters are the same. As much as we, at WebhostingColumns, would strive to ensure we show only apples-to-apples comparison, sometimes providers simply don’t provide exactly the same details and corresponding prices. So, in such situations, when picking the Cloud Hosting Plan that is best for your business, it is important to understand what aspects of the hosting service is likely to be more or less important [e.g. RAM memory size, or processing capacity / CPU, or overall data storage size, or bandwidth, or the type and ease of use of the offered Control Panel] and “price it out” based on such level of importance.

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