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Oftentimes “cheap” comes at a cost of being either unreliable or offering pretty poor customer support or both. Thus to help our users make the right choice the Table below shows not only the “cheapest” web hosting plans but also the average customer review ratings on a 1 to 5 scale.

Our Table below also shows both 1-year as well as 3-year average price. Why both? Because the vast majority of web hosting companies attract new customers through heavy discounting (often as much as 80-90%). But after the “initial” period (which quite often is just the first year) web hosting providers start charging “regular” prices, which, according to our analysis, are on average 60% higher [and sometime 3-5 times higher] than the “introductory” ones. And such higher prices are charged during all subsequent years, not just for a year or two and you end up paying significantly more for your web hosting than you thought you would when signing up. Thus it is important to evaluate not only what your price will be in year 1 but what it will be in the next 3, 5, or even 10 years.

The Chosen Cheapest Web Hosting ProviderVisit Hostinger
The Least Expensive Hosting Provider is chosen by the staff based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors. Hostinger was picked despite being #3 on the list below due to a better combination of 1-year and 3-yeear monthly prices and customer reviews. Please note, the chosen Cheapest Hosting Provider may change as key factors, included in the side-by-side comparison do change over time.


Top 20 Cheapest Web Hosting Plans [Ranked!]

RankWeb HostHosting Plan1-Year Price ($/mo)13-Year Price ($/mo)2Reviews RatingAction
#1Business$0.50$6.833.1Visit Ionos
#2Bronze$1.00$1.003.6Visit MyTrueHost
#3Single$1.39$2.464.2Visit Hostinger
#4Bronze$1.50$1.50n/aVisit TrueHost
#5Premium$1.99$4.664.2Visit Hostinger
#6WP Single$1.99$3.324.2Visit Hostinger
#7WP Starter$2.17$3.204.7Visit NameCheap
#8Stellar$2.34$3.994.7Visit NameCheap
#10Starter$2.50$4.174.8Visit MidPhase
#11Starter$2.50$7.504.8Visit PorkBun
#12Starter$2.50$4.173.1Visit WestHost
#13Starter$2.53$2.923.0Visit EasyWP
#14Starter Cloud$2.69$6.864.8Visit NameHero
#15Basic$2.95$7.642.2Visit BlueHost
#16Unlimited$2.95$9.643.0Visit DreamHost
#17Lite$2.95$8.283.8Visit GreenGeeks
#18Primary$2.99$8.303.4Visit HawkHost
#19Go Plan$2.99$12.662.2Visit iPage
#20WP Essential$3.00$3.673.1Visit Ionos
Note (1): 1-year prices include 1st year discounted promo prices that most web hosting providers offer to new customers to sign up. Note (2): 3-year prices include 1st year discounted prices plus 2 years of regular prices that are often 2-3 times higher than the initial period rates.

The above Table shows only our Top-20 web hosting plans, ranked based on the lowest cost per month for 1 year. To come up with this Top-20 list we have analyzed a total of 250 web hosting plans across 60 US web hosting providers. The Chart below graphically shows 3-year average monthly rates for 240 plans under $100 per month.

Chart:  3-year Average Monthly Web Hosting Rates for 60 US Web Hosting Providers

And here are some interesting statistics on the analyzed 250 web hosting plans:

  • 82 web hosting plans (or 33%) are priced under $10 per month,
  • 102 web hosting plans (or 44%) have prices of $10 to $20 per month, and
  • 7 plans (or 3%) cost more than $100 per month.

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