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Online vs. Offline businesses have different needs when it comes to web hosting. Overall, we have identified at least 10 aspects of web hosting that every business should consider when choosing a web hosting provider [this is a summary, please, see the details further down below]:

Web Hosting FeaturesOffline [Brick & Mortar] BusinessOnline [eCommerce] Business
Price & CostYesYes
Customer SupportYesYes
Security [incl. SSL]YesYes
Shopping CartMaybeYes
Bandwidth [Traffic]MaybeMaybe

Below please see more details as to why the above feature are or may be important for Offline and Online businesses. Based on the above criteria we have selected the Best Top 12 web hosting providers for business—see the Table below.

Chosen Business Hosting ProviderVisit Kinsta
The Top Business Web Hosting Provider is chosen by the staff based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors.
Please note, the Chosen Business Hosting Provider may change as key factors, included in the side-by-side comparison do change over time.

Top 12 Business Web Hosting Plans [Ranked!]

RankBusiness Web HostingHosting PlanOur Score11-year Price ($/mo)3-year Price ($/mo)Action
#1Starter94$25.00$15.66Visit Kinsta
#2Basic91$8.95$8.95Visit KnownHost
#3Startup90$3.99$11.32Visit SiteGround
#4Pro89$50.00$25.33Visit Kinsta
#5Standard 189$10.00$10.00Visit CloudWays
#6Grow Big88$6.69$18.89Visit SiteGround
#7Professional87$19.95$19.95Visit KnownHost
#8Basic86$41.00$41.00Visit Pantheon
#9Standard 285$22.00$22.00Visit CloudWays
#10Basic84$6.74$8.24Visit HostWinds
#11Single83$1.39$2.46Visit Hostinger
#12Advanced83$8.24$10.07Visit HostWinds
Note (1): Based on WebhostingColumns composite 1-100 scale index, which includes rankings of web hosting providers based on 3 business-related criteria: Uptime / Reliability, Customer Support, and Price.

Web Hosting Price & Cost

Offline [Brick & Mortar] BusinessOnline [eCommerce] Business
Web hosting price that your business pays every month, of course, is quite important. But your overall website cost may not be limited to just the web hosting fees.

If you hire a 3rd party web design / web services company to help you manage your website the type of hosting [especially the level of customer support provided by the chosen web hosting provider] may directly impact your website management costs as well. So, choosing the cheapest web hosting option may end up costing more in overall website management costs.
If you own an eCommerce business web hosting price and server maintenance costs are important factors to consider. As your business grows the web hosting cost is not the only “cost” that might be important for your business though: any website downtime caused by an unreliable [and/or unresponsive] web hosting provider may end up costing you a lot more in lost sales and profits [and customer goodwill] than the web hosting fee you pay.

So, when picking the web hosting provider it is important to balance the cost of monthly web hosting fees [and any additional fees associated with hosting your eCommerce website] with costs of potential website downtime, inadequate customer support, lost sales due to slow-loading website, etc.

Web Hosting Loading Speed

Offline [Brick & Mortar] BusinessOnline [eCommerce] Business
Your website loading time is increasingly important because Google, which controls more than 90% of all organic search traffic, more and more punishes websites that are slow-loading and thus undermine online user experience. So, if you’d like to maximize your website organic traffic, maximizing the website loading speed is one of the factors you must consider.If Online business is your bread & butter, not only Google’s increasing attention to website loading speed is important, but overall user experience your website offers does have a direct impact on how quickly users can get to your website content, products and services, find what they need and checkout.

Plenty of studies also indicate that if user experience is sub-par, users simply abandon their shopping carts driving down your conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Web Hosting Customer Support

Offline [Brick & Mortar] BusinessOnline [eCommerce] Business
Good or at least adequate web hosting customer support is important for the Offline [Brick & Mortar] business even if your business does not depend on your website as much.

The main reason is mostly avoiding wasted time and effort, distracting from running your actual business when dealing with customer support who can never be reached or is so incompetent that even after having been reached fails to fix the problem [or sometimes can not even understand what you are telling them due to language barrier or lack of technical expertise].

And yes, here at, we speak from experience, as unfortunately we had our fair share of dealing with poor customer support at several web hosting companies: waiting on the phone for 40-60 min for anyone to pick up, or waiting for 1-2 hours in the chat room for an agent to even respond to our messages and then failing to either fix the problem or even comprehend what the problem was…

So, picking the right web hosting company that won’t put you through customer experience like that is worth a few extra bucks each month.
It might seem kind of obvious that good customer support is important in any business. However, for an Online business web hosting customer support is absolutely critical. A good analogy would be a restaurant, in which water and electricity supplies got cut off preventing it from being to cook and serve food to customers. What would happen then? Customers would most likely go somewhere else to get their food and many even may never come back again.

So, when an emergency does happen to your Online website [examples: SSL stopped working, the website is down or working slowly, the Shopping Cart stopped working, etc.] it is critical to have a customer support that:
(a) can be reached quickly (without having to wait on the phone or on the chat for 30-60 minutes listening to fake statements such as “your business is important to us, please stay on the line and the first available agent will be with you shortly“… and
(b) is able to help fix any problems in no time. Anything less than that could lead to lost sales, frustrated customers, and damaged brand and company reputation.
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